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While we firmly believe that sweet tea and barbecue are a match made in Heaven, there is a lot to be said about the joyous union of an ice-cold beer and slow-smoked meats doused in original recipe sauces by Woody’s BBQ. Looking for the ideal pairing of that golden nectar and our famous Florida-born barbecue? Raise a glass and take a gander at this glorious guide…

Woody’s BBQ Chicken + an Amber or Pale Ale
Chicken is a lean meat that is easily overpowered by a heavy, flavor-rich beer. When seeking to complement the flavor of our slow-smoked chicken, go with a pale ale or an amber. Pale ales feature a crisp, fruity, mildly hoppy flavor while ambers offer a smooth, malty, slightly caramel flavor along with the rich amber color its name suggests. Our Tangy Mustard Sauce is an excellent addition to this pairing. Ambers and pale ales you might want to try include Abita Amber, New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Sweetwater 420.

Woody’s BBQ Texas Beef Brisket + a Stout or Porter
For a flavor pairing as big as the state of Texas, try a Stout or a Porter with your order of our Texas Beef Brisket. Stouts and Porters get their dark rich coloring and flavor from roasted black malts which serve as the perfect complement to the dark charred bark that surrounds the moist tender center of our Beef Brisket. To kick this flavor explosion up a notch, ask if your favorite Woody’s BBQ has Burnt Ends – the most flavorful part of our beef brisket resulting from hours in the smoker to achieve just the right amount of char at the edge of a pink smoke ring that has been a signature of our authentic Southern barbecue chain since we launched in Jacksonville in 1980. Our Piggin’ Hot is the superlative sauce for this pairing. Stouts or Porters you might want to try include Guinness, Sierra Nevada Stout and Southern Brewing Company’s Midnight Train.

Woody’s BBQ Pulled or Sliced Pork + a Lager
Marking one of the most popular beer styles in the world, it’s only fitting that a Lager is the perfect pairing with one of our most popular dishes. Lagers are typically smoother, crisper and more mellow than other beers – complementing the flavor of our slow-smoked pork rather than stealing the limelight. Drench your pork in our Woody’s Gold Sauce for gold-medal worthy flavor. Lagers you might want to add to your must-try list include Yuengling Lager, Sam Adams, Harp and Amstel Light.

Woody’s BBQ Signature Baby Back Ribs + a Brown Ale
Brown Ales often feature a smooth, toasty, nutty, caramelized malt flavor that serves as the ideal companion to the woody caramelized flavor of our famed baby back ribs after hours in the smoker and a perfect finish on the grill. Top your baby backs with our crowd-pleasing Southern Sweet Sauce. Brown Ales are also a great pairing with our Smoked Turkey and our wide variety of Country Vegetables. Brown Ales you might want to try the next time you order baby backs for take-out include Newcastle Brown Ale or Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.

Many Woody’s BBQ locations feature a selection of beers and wine on the menu, some even showcase a full bar with signature cocktails. From bottled beers to beer on draft, we carefully select our brews to complement a wide variety of dishes we serve at Woody’s BBQ. Find a pairing you really like? Let us know about it! CHEERS!

KB 8/4/18