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Classic Southern BBQ Chain Eyes National Expansion with
New Franchisee Signed in Raleigh, NC

Jacksonville, Fl., October 19, 2023 – With an impressive 43-year history of success, Florida-based Woody’s Bar-B-Q clearly knows a thing or two about good food and good business. To keep its legacy growing, the classic Southern BBQ chain has tapped Joseph Becker to lead its franchise development efforts. Having launched a company and owned a franchise over the course of nearly eight years, Becker understands first-hand what it’s like to be a small business owner. He believes this unique perspective will make him a natural ally to prospective franchisees. Becker and Woody’s Bar-B-Q co-founders, Woody Mills and Yolanda Mills-Mawman, have their sights set on the national expansion of the brand. The company’s newest franchisee just signed on in Raleigh, NC – taking Woody’s signature menu of slow-smoked meats, comfort food sides, and decadent desserts beyond the borders of the Sunshine State.

“We are currently targeting cities with populations of at least a quarter of a million people where there isn’t already a significant saturation of the BBQ segment,” said Becker. “We’re also looking to grow as quickly as possible, so it’s advantageous for prospective new franchisees to get in early, capitalize on our low franchise fees, and grab market space before we begin selling out of our target territories. While food service experience is ideal, we believe leadership skills and management experience trump that. Woody’s offers an extensive training and franchise support program that will teach incoming franchisees everything they need to know from top to bottom before their restaurant’s opening day. For those seeking more of an investment opportunity, franchisees can be as hands-on or hands-off as they wish with a capable General Manager at the helm.”

Becker also believes prospects will be impressed with the culture at Woody’s Bar-B-Q. “It’s incredible to me that the owners are still so involved more than 40 years after they opened their first restaurant. They’re very family-oriented and truly care about the success of their franchisees. What’s more is that their love of BBQ is genuine, and it shows. The food is amazing. It’s no wonder they’ve been such a long-established brand with a track record of success.”

Other elements of the Woody’s Bar-B-Q culture and franchise development process Becker believes incoming franchisees will appreciate include real estate selection, training, and opening prep. The process for finding ideal locations is fairly comprehensive, and Woody Mills, the co-founder and namesake of the brand, is deeply involved. VP of Operations Jay Vail lends over 30 years of experience in the food service space to franchisee training. Members of the corporate team will also be on-site at each new franchise for several weeks prior to opening to help train the staff and smooth out any operational kinks.

“Joseph brings a fresh energy to the franchise development role for our brand,” said Mills-Mawman. “He dove right in and endeavored to learn everything he could about Woody’s Bar-B-Q so he could share that knowledge with prospective new franchisees. His willingness to travel to meet interested parties is essential given how quickly and broadly we’d like to expand. We’re excited to have him on our team and representing our brand for a new generation of Woody’s franchisees.”

Becker believes prospective franchisees who will prove a good fit for the Woody’s Bar-B-Q brand possess a strong work ethic, are motivated to be successful, and are ready to “escape the 9-to-5 corporate job to build an empire.” Both aspiring and established entrepreneurs seeking more information about opening a Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchise are encouraged to visit the Franchise page at If interested in learning more, Becker invites them to contact him at or (484) 747-0094.

About Woody’s Bar-B-Q®: After opening their first Woody’s Bar-B-Q in 1980, partners Woody Mills and Yolanda Mills-Mawman have spent more than four decades setting the “bar” higher for classic Southern barbecue. From the humble beginnings of just one location in Jacksonville, Florida, a shared passion for barbecue, and a dog-eared collection of recipes, Mills and Mawman have grown the Woody’s Bar-B-Q brand to locations reaching from the Deep South where barbecue is king to the Northeast. Perhaps best known for their legendary melt-in-your-mouth slow-smoked Signature Baby Back Ribs, Woody’s has also built quite a following among patrons with their secret recipe barbecue sauces and meats, as well as their freshly prepared comfort food-inspired side dishes. Individuals who wish to learn more about becoming a Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchisee are encouraged to visit

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