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At Woody’s Bar-B-Q, our Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich put us on the map from the day we opened 40 years ago, and the Sloppy Woody – a bountiful blend of perfectly prepared Bar-B-Q pork and Woody’s secret sauce – holds its own as our most sought-after sandwich to this day. According to the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s “What We Eat in America” survey, roughly 49% of adults in the U.S. eat a sandwich each day. Each. Day. But what makes these portable handheld cuisine conveyers so popular? And where the heck did they come from?

Although some might argue that its origins stem from the mezze platters of Turkey or Greece, many historians agree that the sandwich got its start – quite by accident – in England in 1762. John Montagu – more popularly known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich – was reputed to have a bit of a gambling problem. During one of his marathon-length appearances at the card table, he felt the need for sustenance and asked the house cook to prepare something he could eat easily while continuing to play. A piece of beef between two slices of toasted bread seemed to do the trick – giving birth to the modern-day sandwich. Not only did it adopt its name from the Earl, but it also became one of his favorite meals and quickly earned a spot at London tables everywhere.

The sandwich didn’t make the leap to the New World right away. In fact, a sandwich recipe didn’t appear in an American cookbook until 1815. In the years that followed, New Orleans introduced its famed “Po Boy” sandwich during the Great Depression. This History Channel recalls the story like this… “During a streetcar worker strike, two brothers, once streetcar operators themselves, owned a sandwich shop nearby. [They] promised to feed any down-on-his-luck striking worker for free. When a hungry striker walked into the shop, the clerks would yell, “Here comes another po’ boy,” and the name stuck.” Today, nearly every state in the nation has a signature sandwich – such as the Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Cubano in Miami, Florida, the Pimento Cheese Sandwich in Augusta, Georgia, the Hot Brown Sandwich in Louisville, Kentucky or the Lobster Roll in New Haven, Connecticut.

Ever heard the saying “the best thing since sliced bread?” Well, in the late 1920’s, Gustav Papendick invented a way to slice and package bread – bringing the concept of the sandwich home, making it one of the most popular contents of lunch pails for schoolchildren and working class adults everywhere.  Now, the average American consumes nearly 3,000 Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches over the course of their lifetime. Sandwiches are SO beloved, in fact, that they are celebrated during National Sandwich Month in August and on National Sandwich Day in November each year.

Of course, we don’t believe you’ve ever REALLY had a sandwich until you’ve tried one of the sandwiches on the menu at Woody’s Bar-B-Q. In addition to our Carolina Pulled Pork and Sloppy Woody’s Sandwiches, we also offer the following at most of our locations:

  • BAR-B-Q SANDWICH: Decisions, decisions – take your pick of our BBQ pork or smoked turkey on your choice of garlic toast or toasted garlic bun, hand sliced and piled high!
  • GRILLED PRIME RIB: We take our seasoned and slow-smoked prime rib, lightly grill it to seal in the flavor, then sandwich it between two slices of garlic toast with au jus
  • TEXAS BEEF BRISKET: Slow-smoked, moist and packed with Lone Star state-sized flavor served on a bun with pickles and red onion
  • ULTIMATE PORK (Pictured): For the ultimate in flavor, we combine our sliced BBQ pork and Carolina Pulled Pork then top it with creamy cole slaw, our Southern Sweet BBQ sauce and pickles
  • SOUTHERN FRIED CATFISH SANDWICH: A true southern favorite. Our Louisiana catfish is lightly breaded, dressed with lettuce, tomato and a dollop of tartar sauce and served on a bun
  • And More!

Sandwiches come with your choice of one side. Visit to view a sample menu that includes sandwiches, as well as starters, salads, entrees, sides and desserts. You can also peruse our list of Locations to find the Woody’s Bar-B-Q near you. Come see us and Let’s Eat!



KB 8/4/2020