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5 Easy Steps to Opening a Woody’s Bar-B-Q Franchise

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With the arrival of any new year, people all over the planet take a closer look at their lives and outline their hopes for the coming year. Whether it’s a list of New Year’s resolutions or an actual action plan, it’s a great time to draw upon that inspiration and make your move. For many, that may involve getting more active, quitting smoking, or losing weight. For a few, that action plan may include a career change or becoming their own boss. If you fall into that last category, you might want to consider the benefits of franchising.

Franchising has become such a powerful business model for many because it involves a proven concept. The benefits of partnering with an established franchise network include tapping into a recognizable brand, the chance to leverage the knowledge and aid of your franchisor, the buying power of being part of a franchise network, lower risk, and higher profits than a newly established independent business. Franchise opportunities run the gamut from child care and cleaning services to fitness and food – and everything in between. If you’ve ever dreamed of opening your own restaurant, enjoy the role of playing host, and love great BBQ, you should include Woody’s Bar-B-Q among your list of franchise concepts to explore.

As you dive in on your quest to find the ideal franchise to fit your experience, taste, budget, and vision, you will find that many are expensive, and the journey to hang up your Grand Opening banner can be convoluted. To make your introduction to Woody’s Bar-B-Q as easy as possible, we’ve broken it down into five easy steps. We look forward to the opportunity to walk alongside you far beyond the day you turn on your neon OPEN sign for the first time!

Visit a Woody’s Bar-B-Q Location and Soak in the Experience

If you are unfamiliar with Woody’s Bar-B-Q, this is – without a doubt – the best way to learn if Woody’s is the ideal fit for you. Take in the sights and meet the people who make that location hum. If you’re lucky, the franchisee of that location will be onsite that day, and you can ask them all the questions swirling in your head. Often, it’s the quality of the food that “sells” our franchisees on the Woody’s Bar-B-Q concept. It really is second to none, so be sure to taste all your favorites while you’re there. If you ARE familiar with Woody’s Bar-B-Q but haven’t previously considered opening a franchise, enjoy your dining experience through new eyes. Do all of the same things outlined above, and maybe try a dish or two you’ve never tried before. Ask your server what the most popular items on the menu are and try them to see what the hype is all about. For a complete list of Woody’s Bar-B-Q locations, visit

Preview the Woody’s Bar-B-Q Franchise Guide

Beyond your visit to a Woody’s Bar-B-Q location, our Franchise Guide is a great way to get a peek inside our company culture, history, and proprietary franchising process. Marking what is perhaps the most critical content in the guide, the Circle of Support outlines our commitment to guiding you during many of the pivotal decisions you’ll make along the way, including real estate support, restaurant development, franchise training, and marketing and advertising. Even after you’ve opened your doors, our franchise support team is only a phone call away to lend that invaluable advice when you need it most. You can download a copy HERE.

Contact Woody’s Franchise Development Team

Now that you’ve had a chance to experience Woody’s Bar-B-Q firsthand and preview our Franchise Guide, if you’re still interested in becoming a member of the Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchise family, it’s time to contact our Franchise Development Team. Not only can they answer any remaining questions you may have, but they can also help you kick your dream of opening a restaurant into high gear. At this point, you will review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), complete your franchise application, assess mutually beneficial goals for your prospective new location, and complete the due diligence process. This includes signing a franchise agreement, meeting our real estate team, creating an actionable business plan, and working toward securing funding for your new business venture. Contact our Franchise Development Team Lead, Joseph Becker, at or (484) 747-0094 for help knocking this third step off your list.

Find the Ideal Location and Launch Construction

The location of any business can make or break its success. A lot goes into securing the perfect location to base your new Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchise. Fortunately, you’ll have a team of professionals to guide you in that search. It’s always a good idea to base your first franchise in a city or county where you already have ties – making it easier to build that customer base. You’ll also need to look at the location’s visibility and the ease of access for the ingress and egress (in other words, is it easy for customers to get to you). Local regulations, area demographics, local competition, and the site’s history will also play significant roles in your decision. Once you’ve found the perfect site, we’ll walk you through the signing of your lease signing, the architectural design of your restaurant, municipal approvals, and the exciting launch of construction!

Receive All the Training You’ll Need from the Woody’s Bar-B-Q Team

While your location is being constructed, it’s time to build the ideal Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchisee. To do that, you will attend and successfully complete Woody’s Bar-B-Q intensive 4-week franchise training program. You will be educated in all aspects of restaurant operations and receive the tools you’ll need to succeed. Once you’ve hired your team and before the big GRAND OPENING Day arrives, you will also receive Store Opening training from our Corporate Training Team for six days before and four days following the opening of your new location. We will also provide you with our confidential Operations Manual, which covers the many facets of restaurant operations in detail, not to mention that our Corporate Office is always just a phone call away.

We can’t wait to meet you and learn if you’ll make the ideal addition to the Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchise family. To explore more about opening a Woody’s franchise, visit



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