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At Woody’s BBQ, we’ve been serving up our Signature Baby Back Ribs from the day we first opened our doors in 1980. Ever since then, they’ve been a clear fan favorite among our patrons. You could say they’re the “backbone” of our business! Cut from the tenderloin area at the rib cage near the spine of the pig where the meat is more tender, top loin ribs (aka Baby Backs) were the inspiration for the term “eating high off the hog.”

What sets our Baby Back Ribs apart from other restaurants is our secret recipe marinade featuring a distinctive blend of spices and unique cooking process that involves slow-smoking for hours, then grilling and basting to seal in the flavor. We also import our Baby Backs from Europe through a source well-known for top loin ribs of unsurpassed quality. Of course, the flavor of our ribs is classically Southern – particularly when enhanced with one of Woody’s original recipe sauces to suit your taste, including our Southern Sweet, Tangy Mustard, Woody’s Gold and Piggin’ Hot.

We are often asked about the difference between our Signature Baby Back Ribs and our Smokin’ Spare Ribs – another popular item among our guests. Baby Backs are delicately curved, more petite, leaner and shorter than spare ribs – thus the term “baby.” Spare Ribs – cut closer to the belly of the pig – are characteristically flatter and meatier with a higher amount of fat, making them incredibly flavorful. Of course, the best way to determine the difference between our Signature Baby Back Ribs and our Smokin’ Spare Ribs is to taste them firsthand. Find the Woody’s BBQ location nearest you to conduct your own lip-smacking taste test! What are you waiting for? Let’s EAT!

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