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Classic Southern BBQ Franchise Company Brings Back Burnt Ends Sandwich and Dinner for a Limited Time

Jacksonville, Fl., January 2, 2020 – What began in 1980 as one bustling classic BBQ restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida grew to more than a dozen franchise locations in the Sunshine State and beyond. While the prices may have changed slightly over the last four decades, the menu at Woody’s Bar-B-Q still features many of the same recipes that were originated in the kitchen of the founder and company namesake’s dear mother. From the sweet and smooth banana pudding to the creamy cole slaw to the slow-smoked signature baby back ribs, patrons of Woody’s Bar-B-Q still enjoy today the same dishes they enjoyed 40 years ago. However, over the years, the BBQ chain has debuted the occasional limited time offer – some of which have made the cut and become new additions to the regular menu. In celebration of its “40 Years and Still Smokin’,” Woody’s Bar-B-Q will be bringing back Burnt Ends – one of its hottest limited time offers from January 15 to February 29, 2020, which will be sold as a sandwich and as a dinner at participating locations.

“Ask any BBQ aficionado and they’ll tell you: the mark of truly great barbecue can be found in flawlessly rendered char and pink smoke ring,” said Yolanda Mills-Mawman, President and Co-Founder of Woody’s Bar-B-Q. “To showcase ourselves as masters of our craft after 40 years in the business, we’re bringing back out Burnt Ends promotion – featuring the most flavorful part of our perfectly prepared beef brisket. ‘Burnt Ends’ are the result of hours in the smoker to achieve just the right amount of char at the edge of a pink smoke ring that has been a signature of our Classic Southern BBQ chain since we first launched in 1980. It’s basically the best of the best. We introduced our Burnt Ends sandwich and dinner in 2017, and – thanks to customer demand – we’re bringing them back for a limited time for our patrons to enjoy.”

The “Burnt Ends” Sandwich: More than a 1/3 lb. of cubed ends from Woody’s delicious, slow-smoked Beef Brisket are served between two slices of Texas Toast, slathered in garlic butter and topped with Woody’s Signature Sweet Barbecue Sauce. This flavorful sandwich comes with the choice of one of Woody’s comfort food sides such as sweet potato fries, creamy cole slaw, potato salad or bar-b-q beans – among others.

The “Burnt Ends” Dinner: A heaping 1/2 lb. helping of cubed ends from Woody’s delicious, slow-smoked Beef Brisket are at the heart of this dinner, which is drizzled with Woody’s Signature Sweet Barbecue Sauce and served with a slice of Texas Toast and choice of two Woody’s comfort food sides such as onion rings, baked potato, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried corn on the cob and more.

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About Woody’s Bar-B-Q®: After opening their first Woody’s Bar-B-Q in 1980, partners Woody Mills and Yolanda Mills-Mawman have spent nearly four decades setting the “bar” higher for classic Southern barbecue. From the humble beginnings of just one location in Jacksonville, Florida, a shared passion for barbecue, and a dog-eared collection of recipes, Mills and Mawman have grown the Woody’s Bar-B-Q brand to locations reaching from the Deep South where barbecue is king to the Northeast and Midwestern fronts. Perhaps best known for their legendary melt-in-your-mouth slow-smoked Signature Baby Back Ribs, Woody’s has also built quite a following among patrons with their secret recipe barbecue sauces and meats, as well as their freshly prepared comfort food-inspired side dishes. Individuals who wish to learn more about becoming a Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchisee are encouraged to visit


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