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Are you just itching to host a posh outdoor Spring soiree, but like to keep things on the casual side? String several strands of lovely outdoor lights, set the table in your favorite Spring colors and open a few bottles of wine to fit the bill for a posh party, then fill your menu with crowd-pleasing comfort foods as a nosh-worthy nod to the casual side. Need help with food prep? Look no further than Woody’s BBQ with our signature selection of slow-smoked meats and classic sides. That way, you can enjoy entertaining your guests and leave the cooking to us. “Barbecue and wine? Do they even GO together?” you may ask. The answer is YES! In addition to the fact that nearly all our locations feature a selection of wines, we look to the experts for some of the best barbecue and wine pairings, so your libations perfectly augment the flavor of the food.

Use Sauce Selection as Your Vin-Spiration: While some foodies-slash-aspiring-sommeliers believe the meat is what should determine the wine selection, suggests that the sauce should have some say. They suggest a Petite Syrah to complement a sweet barbecue sauce like Woody’s Southern Sweet and a Cabernet Sauvignon or Cab Blend to complement a classic Kansas City-inspired sauce like Woody’s Original Gold’s sweet and savory notes.

Match Your Smoked Meats to a Smoky Wine: suggests that – because of its earthy, smoky quality – Pinot Noir is one of the most food-friendly wines out there – one that actually elevates the flavor of smoked meats. Pair it with poultry like our slow-smoked Turkey or BBQ Chicken or use it to enhance your red meat like Woody’s Texas Beef Brisket.
Think Pink: This one is an easy visual to remember if you’re ever at a barbecue restaurant and trying to recall which wine pairs best with pork. Think pink. Just about everyone’s mental image of a pig is pink. Well, it just so happens that believes that the perfect wine to pair with pork is a rosé – which is ALSO pink in color. It will prove a great match to either pulled or sliced pork, but it’s also great with chicken.
Try This Red with Your Ribs: For ribs, particularly Memphis-style ribs with a dry rub, suggests pairing a nice Merlot. The big flavor and acidity of the wine complements the big flavor and acidity of the sauce and spices.
Even more great suggestions for wine and barbecue pairings can be found at Bon Appetit, Wine Enthusiast Magazine or But don’t just take their word for it! For a change of pace, the next time you’re at Woody’s BBQ, order a nice glass of wine to complement your meal – rather than a tall glass of sweet tea or an ice-cold beer. Or order Woody’s to go and try it with one of your favorite wines at home. Let us know what you think! CHEERS!