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When one thinks of classic Southern barbecue, they might not be considering the ways it could prove among the healthier alternatives to dining out. Of course, it’s easy – between appetizer, entrée selections, choice of sides and dessert – to order a meal that may be the opposite of what many might deem as health-conscious. But – with March being National Nutrition Month – we wanted to point out a number of ways that you can plan your meal from among the healthiest choices on the Woody’s BBQ menu. Making these simple switches when dining in or taking out from your favorite location could have a hand in helping you get ready to don your swim suit by the time Spring Break rolls around…

  • Skip the Starter (if you must): While an appetizer proves a great way to satisfy one’s hunger while waiting for a meal, it can serve to add significantly to your overall calorie count. If you DO opt to order an appetizer, our Fried Okra weighs in at just 190 calories (although it IS fried). Other appetizer options that fall below 250 calories include a cup of our Brunswick Stew and Catfish Starter at just 210 calories each and an order of our Fried Corn Nuggets at 240 calories.
  • Choose your Sauces and Dressings Wisely: Contrary to popular belief, our original Woody’s BBQ sauces are not highly caloric. But – just like everything good in life – moderation is always the wise move. There are 0 calories in our Gold Sauce, 10 calories in our Piggin’ Hot and Tangy Mustard Sauces, and 35 calories in our Southern Sweet Sauce (per 2 tablespoons). The same goes for salad dressings. For the lightest in terms of calories, our Italian is just 60 calories with our Ranch coming in at a distant second at 120 calories, and French and Caesar tying for third with 130 calories (per 2 tablespoons).
  • Sage Side Choices: Life – they say – is all about choices. Many of our lunch selections come with a choice of one side, while our dinners often come with a choice of two sides. A tossed salad – before you add the dressing – is just 10 calories and serves as a great option to a traditional appetizer when trying to hold one’s hunger at bay. Our green beans are just 52 calories, corn cobettes are 80 calories, okra with tomatoes is 95 calories, and our mashed potatoes WITH gravy is 100 calories. Many of our locations offer an extended menu of “country vegetables” that feature additional low-calorie options such as lima beans, pinto beans, collard greens and more. Our garlic toast – while delicious – packs a 120-calorie punch, so if you’re carb and calorie conscious, you can ask your server to simply “hold” the toast.
  • Waistline-Watchin’ Entrees: Slow-smoked meats – they’re what Woody’s BBQ is known for! The good news is, you don’t have to miss out on all that flavor just because you’re on a diet (depending, of course, upon which diet you choose to observe). If calories are your main concern, you’ll be pleased to learn that our lunch portion (no sides included) of smoked turkey is just 180 calories, BBQ beef is just 200 calories, pulled pork is 240 calories, baby back ribs are 260 calories, spare ribs are 270 calories and sliced pork is 300 calories. As for our dinner portions under 600 calories (no sides included), our smoked turkey is 270 calories, shrimp is 360 calories, pulled pork is 375 calories, ½ rack baby backs + shrimp is 440, sliced pork is 450, beef brisket is 520 calories, baby back ribs are 520 calories and catfish is 600 calories. Our ½ smoked chicken dinner portion weighs in at 640 calories, but if you remove the skin, you can cut the fat and caloric intake significantly.
  • The Fork vs. the Fist (AKA Sandwich vs. Salad): A no to low carb diet will lean more towards a salad, but if you’re only counting calories, Woody’s Wraps prove a great option. Our Turkey BBQ Wrap is just 320 calories, with our Beef BBQ Wrap following just behind at 380 calories and our Pork BBQ Wrap coming in third at 440 calories. As for salads, our tossed salad and cobb salad are just 10 and 37 calories respectively. Add mesquite chicken breast to a tossed salad and it’s just 200 calories or BBQ chicken and it’s 430 calories (before you add dressing). Other choices under 500 calories include Turkey Salad (240 calories), Beef Salad (280 calories), 3-Meat Salad (330 calories), Salmon Salad (340 calories), Chicken Tenders Salad (355 calories), Pork Salad (380 calories), Caesar Salad (385 calories) and Southwest Chicken Salad (397 calories).

Knowledge is power! Skip the burger joint and head straight to Woody’s BBQ the next time you’re dining out on a diet.  LET’S EAT!!

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