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As the saying goes “Everything’s Bigger in Texas.” That is certainly true when it comes to the flavor of their BBQ. The month of May marks National BBQ Month, so – even though we’re based squarely in the South – Woody’s Bar-B-Q is proud to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite regions for great BBQ… the Lone Star State! You’ll find our menu showcases a variety of influences – from our North Carolina pulled pork and mustard-based Gold sauce that is synonymous with South Carolina to our Memphis-style Spare Ribs and our BIG ON FLAVOR Texas Beef Brisket. But how did BBQ first make its way to Texas and what makes it taste so darn GOOD?

Origins of Texas BBQ

According to the Texas Historic Commission, Texas BBQ was borne out of the meat markets of early German settlers and a marriage of cooking styles from African Americans and Mexican Americans in the area. The Spanish word barbacoa – with believed ties to the Haitian word barbacot – evolved to “barbecue” in the early 1800s and became synonymous with a popular cooking method in Texas that involved digging a pit, filling it with coal and wrapping the meat to smoke over the hot coals. While a variety of styles exist throughout the Lone Star State to this day – including West Texas open-pit cowboy style, East Texas al pastor or shepherd-style and urban Texas style dripping with mopping sauce – Texas is perhaps best known for its beef brisket, which first rose to popularity following the Civil War when cattle was abundant, and refrigeration was not. Just think of all those Texas prairies littered with longhorn steer – they don’t call it the Beef State for nothing!

Texas Beef Brisket at Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Among one of our most popular dishes, Woody’s Texas Beef Brisket is seasoned to perfection, slow-smoked for hours over hardwood to seal in that Lone Star State-sized flavor, and hand-sliced. Our Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich is served on a bun with pickles, red onion and your choice of one side, and our Texas Beef Brisket Dinner is served with your choice of two sides and garlic toast. You can even get it perched atop our cool, crisp Woody’s Famous Bar-B-Q Salad. Depending on which location you visit and the availability of this Texas delicacy, you may be able to sweet talk your server into bringing you an off-menu item – our Burnt Ends Dinner, featuring the most flavorful part of our perfectly prepared beef brisket. Burnt Ends are the result of hours in the smoker to achieve just the right amount of char at the edge of a pink smoke ring that has been a signature of our Classic Southern BBQ chain since we first launched in 1980. The Burnt Ends Dinner features a heaping 1/2 lb. helping of cubed ends from our delicious, slow-smoked Beef Brisket, drizzled with Woody’s Signature Sweet BBQ Sauce and served with a slice of garlic toast and your choice of two comfort food sides such as onion rings, baked potato, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried corn on the cob and more.

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