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Four Ideal BBQ and Sauce Pairings That Will Elevate Your Dining Experience

The sign of truly superlative BBQ is that you can eat it sans sauce and still enjoy a distinctive flavor profile. However, in the spirit of National Sauce Month each March, Woody’s Bar-B-Q is proud to shine the spotlight on four of our original sauces and the ideal meat with which to pair them. Of course, you may have already found your favorite sauce among our offerings, and we want you to feel welcome to slather them on everything you like. But if you’re looking to really bring out the best flavor combination, we’ve looked to our pitmasters for their expertise…

First… Let’s Talk Sauce!
The following sauce flavors are available at all Woody’s Bar-B-Q locations…

Southern Sweet
Consistently one of our most popular sauces, with hints of hickory and molasses, this traditional tomato-based sauce is a real crowd-pleaser.

Tangy Mustard
As its name might suggest, this golden nectar is a mustard-based sauce that adds the ideal tangy KICK to a variety of slow-smoked meats.

Woody’s Gold
Offering up a blend of sweet and savory, this gold-medal-worthy, mustard-based sauce is inspired by that distinctive “soppin’ sauce” flavor that hails from South Carolina.

Hawt Mama
Packed with cayenne pepper, it’s the perfect sauce for those who like it HOT!

And Now… The Meat of Matter…
While our sauces are great on just about anything (including our crinkle-cut fries!), the following combinations represent the most perfect pairings…

Southern Sweet + Smokin’ Spare Ribs
While this sauce is a major utility player and tastes great with every kind of BBQ meat on our menu, we believe you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it slathered on a slab of our famous Smokin’ Spare Ribs. Of course, you can’t go wrong pairing them with our Signature Baby Back Ribs, either! Both rib dinners come with your choice of two sides.

Tangy Mustard + Smoked Chicken
The zesty flavor of our tangy mustard sauce ideally complements the mild, smoky, moistness of our slow-smoked chicken. It gives this flightless bird WINGS! For those who prefer smoked turkey to smoked chicken, our tangy mustard sauce also pairs beautifully with that bird. Our chicken and turkey dinners also come with your choice of two sides.

Woody’s Gold + Carolina Pulled Pork
This regionally-based pairing marks a match made in Heaven. You’ll have Carolina on your mind with every sweet and savory bite. Prefer sliced pork over pulled? No problem! Woody’s Gold also pairs beautifully with our classic pork BBQ. It’s also a delicious dipping sauce for our smoked sausage. Our pulled and sliced pork are available in both dinner and sandwich form. Speaking of sandwiches… Woody’s Gold makes a terrific topping on our Big Black Angus Bacon Cheddar Burger!

Hawt Mama + Texas Beef Brisket
Since everything’s bigger in Texas, shouldn’t flavor follow suit? Our tender, smoky Texas Beef Brisket paired with some delicious dashes of our spicy Hawt Mama sauce will have you saying, “OOOOO-EEEEEE!” But until you determine your personal heat ceiling, we recommend you use this sauce sparingly. A little goes a long way.

If you’ve already determined your personal favorite Woody’s Bar-B-Q sauce, you might be happy to learn that our sauces are available for purchase in-store. We also have select flavors available for purchase through our online store. To view the rest of our menu and find the location near you, visit us at!

KB 3/9/23