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Celebrate National Beef Month with Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Among BBQ lovers, May is well-known for its standing as National Barbecue Month. However, did you know it also represents National Beef Month? While pork often steals the lion’s share of the limelight when it comes to BBQ in the South, beef has also played an essential role in the rise of this smoky and savory cuisine. It is widely believed that when Spanish explorers happened upon the indigenous people of the Caribbean, they were introduced to a new way to preserve meats called “barbacoa.” A variety of meats – from boar and mutton to cattle and deer – were cooked low and slow over a pit. As these conquistadors continued their explorations north to what is now North America, it is said they brought this cooking style with them. As a result, it gained a solid footing in the South – from the Carolinas, where pulled pork reigns supreme, to Texas, where beef is the undeniable king.

What is National Beef Month?

Launched in conjunction with the “Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner” campaign from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Beef Month is designed to celebrate the versatility of beef as well as the enduring dedication of beef farmers and ranchers throughout the nation. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2022, cattle production represented roughly 17% of the $462 billion in agricultural commodities. As a family-owned and operated company, we at Woody’s Bar-B-Q love the fact that 97% of cattle farms and ranches are family-owned, with a reported 54% being in the family for three or more generations.

Five Ways to Celebrate National Beef Month with Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Within our extensive menu, Woody’s Bar-B-Q is proud to offer several tasty beef options – making them a great way to celebrate National Beef Month either at our dining room table or at your own:


Slow-smoked, moist, and packed with Lone Star state-sized flavor, our Texas Beef Brisket Dinner is served with your choice of two sides. Likewise, our Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich is served with your choice of one side and between two slices of garlic toast or a toasted bun.


Herbivore meets carnivore in this cool, crisp salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, egg, and slices of red onion topped with Texas beef brisket. All of the other months of the year, you can opt to top it with your choice of BBQ pork or smoked turkey breast. Can’t decide? You can order our 3-Meat Salad, which features all three!


We don’t just season and slow smoke our prime rib to perfection; we also lightly grill it to seal in the flavor. Our Prime Rib Dinner comes with your choice of two sides and au jus, and our Prime Rib Sandwich is served with your choice of one side and between two slices of garlic toast or a toasted bun.


A half-pound of ground BLACK ANGUS steak – grilled to perfection and topped with a thick slice of melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and red onion. This mighty meaty masterpiece is served with your choice of one side.


You are going to LAVA this burger! We take a half-pound of ground BLACK ANGUS steak – grill it to perfection, then top it with grilled pineapple, diced BBQ pork, cheddar cheese, and Woody’s Southern Sweet Sauce. Make it your own with your ideal choice of one side.

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