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July is the perfect time to explore the world beyond your backyard. In addition to its kick-off to the Dog Days of Summer, July marks National Picnic Month – which offers the ideal excuse to get outside and enjoy the great parks, town centers, beaches and public greenspaces that make up your community. Not to mention all of the benefits to your and your loved ones that come from enjoying a day outdoors, such as stress reduction, a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, the opportunity for a little recreation and the chance to breathe some good old fashioned FRESH AIR! So, what are you waiting for… grab a picnic blanket, a Frisbee, some sunscreen and a basket… but what to put IN your basket? Classic Southern BBQ chain, Woody’s Bar-B-Q offers up several terrific options for pulling together a tasty picnic menu at the drop of a hat…

Family Feast:  One of our most popular options for To Go orders, this crowd-pleasing combo features family-sized portions of our Bar-B-Q pork, Bar-B-Q chicken and spare ribs served with our own special recipe Bar-B-Q beans, creamy cole slaw, french fries, fried corn on the cob and garlic toast. It comes as a feast for 2 or 4, making it ideal for a couple dining al fresco or to feed the entire family!

Chicken Feast:  For our BBQ Bird buffs, this combo is a great deal! Showcasing an entire Bar-B-Q chicken at the heart of the meal, it’s served alongside creamy cole slaw, our own special recipe Bar-B-Q beans, french fries and garlic toast.

A La Carte Menu:  You can build your own combo thanks to Woody’s A La Carte menu of slow-smoked BBQ sold by the pound, baby back and spare ribs by the rack, comfort food sides and our original recipe banana pudding by the pint and quart, our popular Sky High Pies by the slice or whole pie, and sweet iced tea by the gallon. You may opt to pair your smoked turkey with our creamy cole slaw, or our sloppy woody with bar-b-q beans, or our Texas beef brisket with macaroni and cheese, or our Carolina pulled pork with Brunswick stew. Mix and match meats and sides to discover your family’s favorite combinations.

To enhance your picnic outing beyond the food and Frisbee tossing, you might want to pack a couple of crowd-pleasing, family-friendly games such as:

Family Sack Race

What you’ll need:
Several burlap sacks (king size pillowcases will work in a pinch)
Jump rope to mark finish line
Dollar Store prizes

Great, old-fashioned game for families of even numbers. If not, one person can serve as the “line judge.” It’s as easy as “on your mark, get set, GO!” Racers take their marks at one end of the playing field – a jump rope clearly marking the finish line on the other end (can have smaller children take part by holding either end of the jump rope/finish line). Must remain inside sack/pillowcase entire length of race and HOP your way to the finish line. To make the game even more challenging, pair off into teams – not easy to switch in and out of those sacks/pillowcases once you “tag” your partner. First team member must hop to other end of field and back to tag partner and make the sack switcheroo. Second team member must make the same trek. First team to make it back first wins!

The Lakeside Limbo

What you’ll need:
Jump rope
Mobile phone loaded with tropical music
Bluetooth speaker
Dollar store prizes

Will need two people to hold the jump rope taut (the taller, the better). Other family members attempt to move under the jump rope without touching, preferred method is by bending over backward. The music fuels the fun. Each time the line of family members makes it through, the jump rope is lowered to make the game more challenging. If you touch the rope, you’re OUT! Fun to see how creative everyone becomes on methods of making it under the rope to the other side! Last one left standing, wins!

Wheelbarrow Race

What you’ll need:
Jump rope
Dollar store prizes

Break into two-person teams – if dealing with an odd number, elect someone to act as “line judge.” Place jump rope at the finish line at one end of the playing field. Do a little “cleaning” before the race begins to remove any potentially harmful debris from the area (sharp rocks, sticks, etc.…)  One teammate gets down on hands and knees, while the second teammate grabs their team member’s legs and holds them hip high. When the “line judge” yells GO, the first contestant walks on their hands while the second holds tight to the “wheelbarrow” (the legs). You’ll be hard-pressed to keep from laughing. First team to make it to the finish line, wins! To make it a little more challenging, have the contestants switch positions at the finish line and race back.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

What you’ll need:
Watermelon (make sure it’s not seedless!)
Knife to cut into even segments
Dollar store prizes

 A great way to turn your family’s dessert into a game. Will need one or more judges to watch the seeds fly. Purely fun, extremely messy and fairly self-explanatory. Be creative and give prizes for longest distance travelled, best form, etc.…

To find the Woody’s Bar-B-Q nearest you, visit our Locations Page at We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect setting for a picnic experience as memorable as it is delicious. Ants are entirely optional.

KB 7/8/2020