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July marks Anti-Boredom Month. Several weeks into the summer breaks, moms and dads might be running out of ideas of ways to keep their kiddos from uttering that dreaded phrase… “I’m bored!” As a family-owned company, families are at the heart of virtually everything Woody’s Bar-B-Q does. To help parents connect with their kids and keep them engaged this summer season, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 10 FAVORITE ways to soak up some Summertime family fun:

  1. Share Experiences from Your Own Childhood
    This one is easy and impactful. Think back on your own childhood and pick out a few things that you loved most about growing up. Share the story of when you first experienced them and what you loved most about them, then experience them again with your children. This could include anything like making ice cream from scratch, going stargazing and finding the constellations, catching fireflies, making s’mores around a fire while telling ghost stories, finding the nearest drive-in theater, picking berries at a local farm and so much more.
  1. Go Back to Basics
    There’s a particularly good reason classic kid activities have survived for decades… they’re FUN! Pull out card games like Old Maid and Go Fish, procure a big complex puzzle and clear off a tabletop, head outdoors with bubbles and jump ropes, play dress up and host a tea party, while away an afternoon at the library and come home with armloads of books to read at bedtime – the possibilities are virtually endless.
  1. Pack a Picnic and Hit the Park
    Is there anything better than a good, old-fashioned picnic in the park? Pack your picnic basket with some of your family’s favorite things. If one of those favorite things is classic Southern BBQ, look to your friends at Woody’s Bar-B-Q for some help. Our to go menu includes everything from slow-smoked BBQ by the pound and ribs by the rack to comfort food sides and banana pudding by the pint and quart. We’ve even got sweet tea by the gallon and whole Sky High Pies!
  1. Add Water and STIR
    One of the most central components to summer for kids of all ages often involves water – whether a baby pool or sprinkler in the back yard, a day at the beach, a dip in the neighborhood pool, or an afternoon of braving the slides at a local waterpark.
  1. Hit the Road
    Is it time for a family vacation? Many times, a change of scenery creates the ideal atmosphere for making memories. Whether hitting a family favorite destination or exploring new cities, try to create memory points throughout your time together that you can recall for years to come. Don’t forget to take lots of photos!!
  1. Get Crafty
    Break out the finger paints, glitter, glue, construction paper, clay, crayons, yarn, crochet needles, string, beads and more so the whole family can express its creativity. It’s okay if things get a little messy as long as everyone is having fun! Make friendship bracelets, create “just because” cards for the grandparents, build a bird feeder, learn to crochet, practice making origami animals, make tie-dye t-shirts and so much more!
  1. Explore Local Attractions
    Look to your own city’s local attractions – like a zoo, amusement park, theater or museum – or check out the offerings in a few neighboring cities, then block out some dates on your summer calendar to go exploring. On the drive there, ask the kids what they’re most excited about and on the drive home, ask them their favorite part of the experience. Shared experiences are terrific fodder for meaningful conversations, as well as making memories.
  1. Create a Sidewalk Gallery
    Bless your neighbors with your family’s combined artistic talents! From your driveway to the sidewalk in front of your home, create a series of masterpieces and positive messages for your neighbors to enjoy. While these are only temporary works of art that will be washed away during the next rain, they will live on in your memories and in your photos!
  1. Schedule a Photo Shoot
    Not only are family photo shoots a wonderful way to capture your clan at various stages of development, but they are also an excellent forum for expressing your combined personalities. Involve the entire family in the selection of the wardrobe for your shoot as well as the location and include some silly shots along with the “framers.”
  1. Give Back to Your Community as a Family
    An incredibly powerful way to create some special memories as a family while having an impact in your community is to volunteer together to benefit a worthy charity. You could host a lemonade stand in your neighborhood and donate the proceeds, contact a local nonprofit to find out how the whole family can become involved in their good cause, look to your church for mission opportunities, clean out the closets and donate gently used clothes or volunteer at a local animal shelter – just to name a few!

Whatever you and your family elect to do this summer, the entire team at Woody’s Bar-B-Q hopes it’s a happy one! We hope to see you for lunch or dinner soon – don’t forget, many of our locations host Kids Eat Free days for kids ten and under (most are on Mondays, but the day sometimes vary by location, as do kids’ ages). During Kids Eat Free days, kids ten and under enjoy a free meal from the kids’ menu when an accompanying adult orders a dinner or entrée salad from our regular menu! Learn more at!

KB 6/26/22