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Woody's Bar-B-Q has several locations throughout the Eastern portion of the United States. Find a Woody's near you and start enjoying Bar-B-Q!

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Give the gift of Woody's Bar-B-Q with a gift card, one of our signature sauces, a classic T-shirt or send our barbecued meats.

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Woody's Bar-B-Q Franchise Support

Like all circles, our Circle of Support is perfectly unbroken and never ending. Just as every point of the circle is equidistant from its restaurant, each person whose life is touched by Woody's Bar-B-Q is equally important…customers, employees, vendors and, yes, our franchisees!

As a Woody's Bar-B-Q franchise owner, you will become part of a family that truly cares, supports, and encourages each other every step of the way. It is the attention to each unit that makes Woody's Bar-B-Q strong. This attention is provided by our Corporate Support Team and not only includes the introductory training program, but our knowledge and on-going support in operations, marketing and advertising as well.

Founded in 1980 as a family-owned restaurant, we know just how tremendous a step it is to invest in and open your own restaurant. That's why we've done our best to simplify the process with our support system to help you avoid the pitfalls you might experience working independently. Woody's Bar-B-Q franchisees will own and operate their own business, but will never work alone.


"It's a setting that is always easy-going with a comfortable atmosphere... and where the highest quality is still considered "standard."

Yolanda Mills-Mawman Co-Founder & Vice President

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